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We are an international jobboard for exclusively foreign work and multilingual vacancies. Find a job abroad and start an international career with attractive companies. Find your dream job abroad and apply directly to the employer. 

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Search Jobs Abroad for international talent and companies that recruit across land borders or recruit multilingual employees worldwide. To match the supply and demand of international work. Search Jobs Abroad was founded in 2008. We help talent to find international jobs and multilingual vacancies! Apply online via the international jobboard for global jobs.

Why abroad?

Go for a challenge abroad. You can earn money, travel, meet other interesting people and apply for attractive international work.

Branches abroad

As in your country, you will also find vacancies abroad in the fields of technology, IT, care, management, finance, marketing, call centre, logistics, sales, medical and legal.

Countries abroad

If you are going to work abroad, it is important to find out what the standards and values of the country are, whether the climate suits your wishes and the popularity among expats.

Rules abroad

The rules abroad vary from country to country. Make sure you have done your research before you accept a job abroad.

Multilingual vacancies

If you speak fluent Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German or any other language, you can often work for international companies as a multilingual specialist.

Jobs abroad

Be prepared to experience other cultures but always be yourself. Many expatriates also choose an international city with a lot of expatriates. Don't forget to contact the locals as well.

Finding an international job abroad via Search Jobs Abroad

Do you want to work in an international company or are you looking for multilingual vacancies abroad? Our international jobboard helps to find the right job abroad or international talent. Search Jobs Abroad focuses on highly trained staff who aspire to an international career, but also for jobseekers who do not want to work abroad but speak a specific language (native speakers or multilingual) we help them to find work.

Below you can read the practical experiences of people who have already found a vacancy abroad:

Barcelona: I am Patricia and wanted to go abroad. Preferably in a coastal location in Spain. Meanwhile, a nice job has been found. This website was the first time I came across it last summer. Since then, I have had interesting contacts with employers and continue to visit this site regularly for work abroad. Get your chance! Ciao!!

Berlin: My name is Richard (34 years old) and lived in Germany for 3 years. When I was in high school I wanted to go abroad to gain international experience. I was 17 when I went looking and worked in France, Italy and Germany. Soon I felt that this really was my thing. After my studies in Commercial Economics, I left for Germany. I worked there for over 3 years in Berlin (metallurgy processing sector). Working abroad is a fantastic experience even though it wasn't far away for me.

Milan: We are Francien & Vincent and came to this website last April by chance, which was filled with vacancies abroad. That's why we thought it would be nice to start looking for employers via this vacancy bank. We also noticed that Search Job Job Abroad is kept up to date so that you are constantly informed about new jobs abroad. A job vacancy abroad is a fun experience and certainly a must if you don't know what to do (like us) after a long period of study. At the moment I am still working abroad (Italy) but that may be different next year. If you're young like us (22 and 24 years old) you just have to take that chance!

Gran Canaria: My name is Bert (28 years old) and at the end of 2009 I graduated in business science. I didn't really feel like looking for a serious job right away. The solution for me was simple, looking for jobs abroad. Via Search Jobs Jobs Abroad I got to the right track and immediately came into contact with 10 different employers. In the end I chose to go to Gran Canaria (Spain) myself. The weather here is already fantastic and the whole year is a party! The step abroad was a nice phase in my life but in six months' time I want to go back home.

Berlin: After 15 years of being with a loyal boss, I finally grabbed my suitcases and went looking for an international vacancy. Working outside my country was always a dream for me, but impossible because my (former) wife didn't want it. At the beginning of 2008, we were separated. I remember very well saying to myself in the summer of 2009 that I had to check my dreams and not fall by the wayside. Via the internet I went looking for vacancies abroad. I ended up on this site, really an ideal job vacancy system.

Paris: Thanks to your good idea of creating this website, I was able to get started abroad. First of all, many thanks for this!Paris: is the city of love but for me the ideal city for a foreign job. I worked at a translation agency for 4 years. I speak fluent German and they could use it in France. After 4 years I wanted to work a bit different from working abroad. Unfortunately, it was not possible to continue my work elsewhere. In the end I returned to home. If you want to gain experience abroad, I would definitely try it through Search Jobs Jobs Abroad!

Paris: Have you ever had a view of La Tour Eiffel? I do! My name is Patrick and last summer I went looking for a vacancy abroad. Unfortunately, it was a job of 6 months. A company in the insurance sector was looking for someone who wanted to work abroad and stay on customer service for international customers. I found that job via Search Jobs Abroad. This was really something for me and I am very happy to have taken the step. Especially with that beautiful view of La Tour. I have had a fantastic period and especially seen a lot in the city. Paris is huge in size and in half a year you haven't seen a tenth of the city yet. In other words, I will have to do it again. My French language skills have not improved at all, but that was not necessary either, because a lot of English is spoken in Paris. Paris does not have much to do with France. It is simply an international city. I can advise everyone to work abroad and then choose Paris.

New York - Immediately after my military service as a reserve officer at ITT as an engineer-electronics firm, I was sent to India at the age of 20 for a foreign job vacancy to solve problems in Mumbay, Dehli, Madras, Calcutta etc. I was able to do so. For 3 years I have had different experiences. As a young guy without experiences, these three years were a hell, but also a basis of my characterisation and independence. After India it became Costa -Rica, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, Denmark, Finland and Ireland. So I kept working abroad.

 Twelve years went by and I gave my resignation there because this group was taken over by a French group and where the conditions were not in proportion to the realisations I expected.Thirty days passed and I joined an Italian company specialising in mechanical engineering for the glass industry. As an account manager, over the next 9 years his ups and downs passed smoothly over with his ups and downs as known for someone who has foreign experience. Here I was more focused on the German-speaking countries such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Spain for the sale of industrial equipment. A dismissal was inevitable as this company was sold to the Finns, and my feeling for the Finns was low. So; I started applying, and in a very short time came to an Austrian company which was also involved in the construction of highly specialised CNC-controlled production machinery and also for the glass industry. 

Here I ended my career after 10 years of service as an account manager. Because of my experience and contact with different people I now speak 7 languages like Spanish, English, French, German and a bit Danish and Italian.Do you also want to take the step for a job abroad? Then you have now found the right site.

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